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Monday, October 23, 2017

Healthy Halloween

Halloween is once a year, and the high calorie, sugar, and fat candy is making its way onto store shelves. When looking for candy, usually the last thing on people’s minds is “What are healthy choices?”

Some alternatives to traditional candy with no nutritional value:

·      Make chocolate covered fruit. This will increase vitamins and continue to hit that sweet tooth.

·      Cinnamon roasted pumpkin seeds are a good way to increase vitamin A.

Smoothies made from low fat yogurt, fruit, and/or vegetables are another good snack to celebrate this spooky season.  If smoothies aren’t your thing, try eating apple slices with a yogurt fruit dip. Some more ways to increase the nutrients in Halloween snacks is to shape fruits and vegetables into festive shapes. Mandarin oranges can be made into pumpkins with a chocolate covered pretzel made as a stem, fruit kabobs made with a marshmallow ghost face drawn on with icing, or even a cut banana with mini chocolate chip eyes can all be fun ways to increase the nutrients consumed during this candy crazed holiday.

Have fun with your food and enjoy one of these boo-tiful snacks this Halloween.

Submitted by Mikaela Schmeider, B.S., Aramark Dietetic Intern